My Momma said…

“You have to be more than tall, to play BALL!!”

So… today i found out from my boy Davon (plays in Braunschweig, Germany) that i was nominated for 2.BBL PRO B Player of the Year (MVP)


Check it out here (and vote for me :D)


– What the Hamster produces (things i think about)

i always have the most interesting discussions with my mom. One of the many reasons i cherish her soul. A beautiful woman she is. in this conversation, we discussed an article that she read about the financially endowed attempting to conceal their wealth out of respect for their friends who have been affected & effected by the country’s recession.  My mother and i banter back and forth sarcastically at the ignorance in their display of consideration.

A few of these recession proofed individuals are now trying to find ways to humbly shop by taking in bags that don’t identify the retailer to not offend their friends who can no longer afford it. i couldn’t help but laugh with my mother out of disgust. i thought to myself, “if you care that much, help them out of their situation rather than spending the money on companies who more than likely will survive the recession despite a decline in revenue.” Eh, i know. Throwing rocks at the ocean right? LoL!

Well, if there is one thing that i received from that conversation with my mother, it is that the recession has challenged the conscience of mankind in some way, shape, or form. And in all honesty i happen to love it!

Yes, i couldn’t agree more that financially the recession is difficult. Nothing too different will change for my family immediately than the opportunity to make visions flourish in a crisis. But from a humility standpoint, i think we’ve been humbled a lot prior to the recession. From that humility you learn to prioritize where you invest your time and money. You find things that serve multiple purposes and effeciently get jobs completed.

Most importantly, the recession forces people to appreciate and value people. It encourages all to stop, breathe, and analyze in what direction  their life is headed. Sometimes we speed through life so fast we easily take advantage, consciously or unconsciously, of those important people in our lives who love us unconditionally and sacrificially (agoppi love). On the otherside of the coin, the recession seems to weed out the cancers in our life they would couldn’t rid ourselves.  The importance of this cannot be valued in a stock market or 401k plan.  And this speed bump is what i appreciate from the world’s recession and have truly seen (and heard) from my mother.

Which is why she continues to smile and enjoy life and allow me to do the same and remain optomistic! Check her out… this is RECESSION PROOF!


An April Fool


WOW, the month of March just flew by and thank the Lord for that. Not that i didn’t appreciate the time, but having lived through about 4 months of winter, i was grateful to see Spring upon us. But a seed was definitely planted in March.

Ever since my mother introduced me to Paul Robeson, i’ve been somewhat intrigued by the idea of being a Renaissance man. Well, i’m beginning to seed the blade poke out of the ground. i enjoying writing so much that i’ve decided to begin publishing a quarterly magazine (e-zine) called the Sophisticate™ with my good friend Erin Golightly. The Sophisticate™ will focus on culture with an extreme emphasis on those up & coming, on the verge, and aspiring folk.

i’ve also been working on a website that will revolutionize the game and market of basketball. How exciting this will be. Along, with these two ventures, somewhere in my spare time this summer, my goal is to complete an album. YES, an album L0L, titled Quality Over Quantity. The idea birthed from a joke but i figure why not give it a shot. i truly don’t enjoy the message being put out in the majority of music today, so if nothing else, i think i would be a breath of fresh, unpolluted air to both young and old.

Okay, now that you’re saying to yourself, “this boy has gone mad” back to my day job. Like my grandmother says, “everybody with a job needs to be at it” so i’m on it Gram L0L. i’ve gotten a few offers within the past month to play next winter season from several different countries including Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, and Finland to name a few. But i’ve recently received the opportunity to play this summer DOWN UNDER! We shall see how that goes. My aspirations for next year is to play in Spain and my chances are great with my agent being Spanish and having played in their top league.

Anyway… Ma, i know you wanted some pics and boy was yesterday a beautiful day here in Landshut! So… enjoy the pictures. i’ll get back to blogging more frequently here as the season is winding down. Only 4 games left (25 days until i”m home) 😀

Lost, Found, Finding!

i hear we have to get lost
just to find ourselves
or be found because that’s
where the finest dwell
until it’s time, i’ll probably
still be beside myself
hmm… guess only time will tell
wish it was patient
but it ain’t waiting on “Nathan”
or Horace…
So i figure i get going on my voyage
chart my course
disregard the wind and the waves
they’re only there to see
how much you’ll live in faith
so i’m prayin i don’t miss me days
my mind sail on ’em
simultaneously, my heart wail
’cause i never knew
just how silent the dark yell
and how crisp the Light is
with your eyes closed!

Spinning My Whills #2

– What the Hamster produces (things i think about)

i don’t understand how a country that is so vehement about the seperation of Church and State, and has been since its inception, uses the Bible to swear in political and judicial officers, and is used in other state and federal operations? Someone of another religion could easily associate what’s written on the American currency, “IN GOD WE TRUST!” Or when our presidents and other folks in our country go through something catostrophic, our slogan beceomes, “GOD BLESS AMERICA!” A person of another religion could associate the use of (only) the Bible as UNITING Church and State.

Just a thought!

The German Elderly: Part 2

People grow old only by deserting their ideals, Macarthur had written. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up interest wrinkles the soul. You are as young as your faith, as old as your doubt; as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear; as young as your hope as old as your despair. In the central place of every heart there is a recording chamber. So long as it receives messages of beauty, hope, cheer and courage, so long are you young. When your heart is covered with the snows of pessimism and the ice of cynicism, then, and then only, are you grown old. And then, indeed as the ballad says, you just fade away. – Douglas MacArthur


Altercation #1: He Cook for Wii

One of my team sponsors is a Bavarian tavern called Anno 1475. And it fits the era of the name it holds. Without this place and the wonderful people who run it. i don’t know how i would have gotten by thus far in Germany. One of those wonderful people are the owner and chef, Stephen McDonald. A very pleasant, kind man who does much more than just cook food for us. In like manor, i wanted to give him something special to show my appreciation for what he’s done thus far. Mind you, He’s in his late 50’s (but looks extremely good) so i had no clue what to get him. i asked him wht he liked and the first thing he says is “a ferrari would be nice.” We share a quick laugh, only for me to see he was serious lol. Then i heard he liked playing the Wii. Shocked me but only for a second. i thought to myself, “you stay as young as you think you.” i went and bought him a Ferrari racing game for his Wii… He laughed extremely hard. A good man! He showed me this quote in it’s essence: An old man is twice a child.” – William Shakespeare

Altercation #2: My Neck, My back…

This altercation isn’t long but it sure is hilarious. It is a combination of altercations. i am in our gym, Fit Plus, working out and i have this old guy just staring me down. i guess i may have looked a little weird as i do make odd faces when i am either focused or lifting a heavy weight. But that wasn’t it. As i proceed to work on other muscles, he comes and stands right in front of me and just stares at me again. i couldn’t help but start laughing as he begin to clap. i had a fan in the gym not of my basketball but of my work ethic. Now that’s what’s up.

I finished working out and headed down to the locker room to hit the sauna and the showers. As i’m entering the sauna, i see some elderly folk in the pool in their AquaArobics class. Nothing major is happening, their instructor is explaining some positions, stretching, getting them ready for the workout. As soon as i am about to enter into the sauna, i hear Khia’s My Neck, My Back come on and i just bust out into hysteria. i turn around to see these old folks working it out in the pool to the uncensored version of the Independent HoodRat Anthem of 2002 lol.

i enter the sauna and do my 10 minutes. As i come out of the sauna. Here’s my fan standing at the glass door in nothing but a towel clapping his hands with a big smile on his face. i could laugh no more and just grinned with my head down and thought to myself, “God, where have you got me?” Lol.


Reign Dance

i’m learning to dance in the rain
smile when the clouds appear
rejoice at the sound of thunder
when most of the proud would fear
let the rain disguise my face
the thunder match the
the rhythm of my heart
the clouds glorify the moment
symbolizing Him in part
Ah, the dawn is near
and no one can understand
the seeds fell, some by
the wayside out His hand
others hit the cobblestone
so in the rain, up they sprang
to last but only awhile, for in
the sun they could not maintain
in their shame, a gust of wind at
those entangled, strangled by the weed
yet i rejoice at the coming of the cloud
for His reign is all i need
the full grain in the head
Alas! Harvest is near
“if anyone has an ear to hear
let him hear.”

i’m learning to dance in the rain
smile when the clouds appear
rejoice at the sound of thunder
when all the proud will fear.